I Don’t Like My Daughter/Son-In-Law!

| Sep 30, 2019 | Beneficiary, Family Law Clause, Inheritance, Wills, Wills And Estates |

I do not like my daughter-in-law. Under no circumstances do I want her to benefit from anything I leave my son. What should I do?

There is a Family Law Clause which protects the growth of any assets that you leave your son. The inheritance you leave your son is protected but not the growth on the inheritance unless you include it in the Family Law Clause in your Will. Don’t forget to let your son know though that if he puts the inheritance in a joint bank account with his wife, then the protection does not apply.

Also, the temptation for most people is to take their inheritance and pay off/down their mortgage if you do this then your daughter-in-law could take half of the inheritance. There are ways to still pay off/down the mortgage but your son should speak to a lawyer to do this properly.