It Didn’t Work Out! What Now?

| Mar 4, 2019 | Family Law |

Part 1 or 3: “Love is a Many-Splendored Thing” but sadly, some marriages just do not work out.

Each of you may feel the other to be at fault. In either case, it just didn’t work out. Hopefully you read one of our previous blogs (Getting Married? Now What!) and prior to your marriage you negotiated a marriage contract with the help of an experience Family Law lawyer. If so, you are now all set to embark on your new life. If you now have children, your agreement would not have dealt with parenting, child support and special activities or school tuition. Who pays for this and in what proportions? What are your financial obligations to your children? Are there custody and access problems? If asked, what would the courts order? Even with an agreement, Family Court reserves the right to intervene and make decisions regarding your children if you and your spouse can not. I’m sure you will agree, children’s needs must come first and children should not be used as pawns between parents.

What if a marriage contract was not signed? How will your property be “equalized” as provided for in the Family Law Act? Will the matrimonial home have to be sold or may one parent reside in it with the kids? Are you entitled to spousal support and if so, how much and for how long? If you are a stay at home parent, must you get a job?

How do you get answers to all these vexing questions? You already know the answer. Consult with an experienced Family Law lawyer who can answer and advise you about all those questions and any others you may think of and some you may not think of.

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