It Didn’t Work Out! What Now? The D Word

| Mar 18, 2019 | Family Law |


Now that you’ve reviewed Part 1: “Love is a Many-Splendored Thing” but sadly, some marriages just do not work out.

Part 2: Cost and Options

You’re angry and even considered the “D” word. What about divorce? What are the grounds for divorce and does it matter who was at “fault”?

How much will it cost? Once a separation agreement is reached and with the help of your lawyer, an “uncontested” divorce can be simple and relatively inexpensive. So, if the marriage just didn’t work out, advice from an experience Family Lawyer will give you the answers you need. It doesn’t matter who was at fault in getting a divorce although it may speed up the process if the guilty party admits they are at fault. In a common law relationship, whether you have children together or not, you too will need to negotiate a Separation Agreement. See our blog coming soon on common law relationships for more details.