It Didn’t Work Out! What Now? Cost and Options

| Mar 11, 2019 | Family Law |

PART 2 of 3

In our previous blog Love is a Many-Splendored Thing” but sadly, some marriages just do not work out. where we looked at your initial thoughts, lets continue with cost and options.

Now that you’ve given it some thought, what about costs? Would you have to go to court? The answers to those questions are that there are alternatives to court proceedings that are less expensive, more timely, confidential and where you can participate in the process with the help of your lawyer. These processes include negotiation, mediation and arbitration process that can be used in fashioning an agreement that is fair and is negotiated in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

As any experienced Family Law lawyer will tell you, a court proceeding should be your last resort. As with many things the more complex your situation the higher the cost will be. It is best to discuss the potential costs with your lawyer during the initial meeting so you have an idea what to budget for. Some law firms offer payment alternatives to straight upfront fees so ask if this is an option before you decide on a lawyer.

BTW – if you had a Will. Don’t forget to make sure it’s updated.

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