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Understanding Commissioning Vs. Notarizing Documents

People will often confuse having a document notarized and having a document commissioned. Understanding the difference between a notary public and a commissioner for oaths can be confusing. This misunderstanding can lead to spending money you do not have to, delays in completing documents, and the rejection of a document being submitted.

Selling your home? Avoid delays by the Purchaser

Remember that your lawyer knows your side of the transaction but is blind to the purchaser's side. Your lawyer will be unaware of how the purchase will be arranging the closing funds, or if there are any issues which might impede the flow of funds needed for closing. These can cause delays:

I have a common law spouse and we both don't have a Will. Should I be concerned?

Under Ontario law, a common law spouse can only make a claim under the succession law reform act as a dependent and may not be able to claim against assets so if you want them to have a right to a property for example and their name is not on it then you need a will.

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